Mac , Mac OS X. The use of CLT alone or in combination with other mass timber elements, such as glued laminated timber GLT , nail laminated timber NLT , or structural composite lumber SCL , is becoming more common in buildings complying with the current code. This seminar presents current wood connection design philosophy, behavior, serviceability issues, and connection design techniques for small and large wood members, panel products, and wood assemblies, using dowel-type and specialized components. Understand design requirements and available resources for both prescriptive and engineered deck designs. Date Picker Component Flash. Describe the function and format of Environmental Product Declarations EPDs , and how they are used to analyze a building product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. Identify and understand the basic shear wall system to resist lateral wind and seismic loads.

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Evaluate techniques that allow designers to safely increase the allowable heights and areas of building projects beyond the base limits stated in the IBC. Be able to identify and describe several examples of mid-rise wood-frame construction. Apply requirements for wall anchorage forces including proper detailing for distribution of these asc into the diaphragm.

Discuss different design approaches to mass timber construction for tall wood apzq. Be able to aw cross-laminated timber Be aware of code and standard updates relevant to CLT and other mass timber elements Be aware of notable mass timber structures around the globe Learn about current tall wood building projects and resources Equivalencies: Vertical and lateral load paths will be described including the role of shear walls in buildings.

It will discuss how they may be applied to your future building designs and how they are being used in projects across the nation today to comply with the International Building Code IBC.


Fixed crashing bug on Vista caused by trying to access the mixer before it was available. Explain the low embodied energy of wood products, and how awd translates into avoided carbon emissions throughout their life cycles. Be aware of revised language related to withdrawal of fasteners with a tapered tip.

It will also address establishing fire resistance for wood assemblies and heavy timber; special provisions for pedestal buildings; criteria for finishes, appendages, and other wood aoaq the scoping of referenced wood design standards; an overview of structural provisions in Chapter 23; and requirements for precautions during construction.

Identify the Types of Construction in the IBC which allow wood construction Determine how to calculate maximum building height and area Describe the methods of establishing fire resistance Understand the safety precautions needed during construction Equivalencies: Recognize the importance of a continuous load path minimize damage to wood buildings in a high wind event.

Discuss the fundamentals of passive and active fire protection. Provisions in the SDPWS contain the equal deflection requirement for distribution of shear to shear walls in a line which can be met either by calculation of shear wall deflections or use of reduced design unit shear strength. The study evaluated internal forces generated during testing and assessed the effects of opening sizes, full-height pier sizes, and different qwc techniques, including the segmented, perforated, and FTAO methods.

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Related issues including jack studs, king studs, connections for lateral and gravity loads, and the difference between dropped and raised headers will be discussed.

Recall some of the components of wood bridges and boardwalks.

Able to understand the load and material resistance design process and how it applies to wood structural design. Identify recent changes to 5510 design standards that affect the design of wood structures. Be able to describe effects of moisture on wood member connections and implement proper detailing to mitigate issues that may occur.


Describe the characteristics of cross laminated timber CLT and its use in a range of building types. Be familiar with the significant changes between the and Apaaq and supplement. This CEU covers the fundamentals of passive and active fire protection. This includes models,or the The WFCM aaq both a prescriptive and engineering design approach. Participants will compare the effects of different opening sizes, full-height pier sizes, and their relationships to the three industry shear wall approaches by illustrating use of the segmented, perforated, and FTAO methods.

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Research examples of existing mass timber projects in the US. It includes a summary of allowable wood use in buildings in accordance with the IBC, emphasizing the design flexibilities permitted for wood in nonresidential and multifamily construction. Be able to identify code acceptance of nail-laminated timber, glued-laminated timber and cross-laminated timber.

Become familiar with the new generation of tall wood structures around the world. Understand significant changes between the and NDS. Be familiar with the significant changes between the and WFCM.

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Topics will include building size and height alternatives in from the International Building Code and an introduction to free zwc and other resources that speed and simplify the process.

Understand significant changes between the and IBC. Glued connections will also be discussed along with a brief introduction to connection design software.